Why Volunteer?

In today’s hectic world, it’s not uncommon to hear people wish for more “time” to complete the many things on their busy schedules! Even so, people continue to offer their time and talents to a variety of organizations. But why? Why volunteer? Maybe because satisfied volunteers receive much more than they give.

Volunteering can provide opportunities for personal achievement, self discovery, building friendships and strengthening your community. The ability to see immediate results from their work provides positive energy and satisfaction that keeps volunteers coming back for more. Volunteering just feels good!

Bichon Rescue Brigade is an all-volunteer organization and is always in need of individuals willing to donate their time and talent toward saving Bichons and their canine friends. There are many ways to help! Transporting dogs and supplies, visiting dogs in shelters, fostering dogs in your home, administrative / clerical and photographing dogs are just a few of our most commonly used skills! You might have skills that we can use that we don’t even know we need! Here are just a few.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Foster a Dog
  • Provide Transportation
  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting
  • Website Maintenance
  • Photography
  • Volunteer Recruiting/Oversight
  • Animal Evals/Interactions
  • Home Safety Checks
  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Adoption Facilitation

Every minute of volunteer time helps our rescue efforts, so don’t be afraid that you don’t have enough time to give! Even an hour or two every once in a while can make a big difference in helping our pups!

Just complete and submit our volunteer form and one of our volunteers will contact you to discuss your specific abilities and whatever commitment you can make!