Our Fur-Ever friends have a “Home for Life” with Bichon Rescue Brigade.

The dogs that we bring into this program are those who are less likely to be adopted due to disability, long term medical needs and/or age but who are still able to enjoy the remainder of their senior years with a good quality of life.

These pups are placed in loving homes with loving families, but Bichon Rescue Brigade retains full responsibility for their care. Fur-Ever Friend care may include medical care, medications, high quality diet, supplements and grooming.

It is through generous sponsorships and donations that we provide medical care to our Fur-Ever Friends. If you would like to sponsor a Fur-Ever Friend, our monthly sponsorships start at $25. Your sponsorship will go directly towards the care of your pup.

You can become a Sponsor for ALL our Fur-Ever Friends or individual dogs.  Just select an option from the menu after you click on the Donate button.  You can make a one time donation or a recurring donation.  (Note:  If you elect to make a recurring donation you will be asked for an existing Paypal account or you will be asked to setup a new Paypal account.  One time donations do not require a Paypal account and you can choose any major credit card.)


11 year old Murphy came to us in 2021, relinquished by his family who no longer had time for him. His foster family said he’s the best dog they’ve ever met. He is the definition of the perfect dog! Late in 2021, his foster family became his forever foster home. He is so loved his foster sister wanted him to be the theme of her birthday cake. From his foster Mom “who can resist Murphy?!?”

Medical Conditions:
Chronic history of elevated liver enzymes
Abnormalities in ngallbladder and liver

Murphy Monthly Costs:

Medical Needs:
Murphy is currently on Denamarin, Ursodiol, Triglyceride Omega 3 supplements and a prescription low fat diet Purina EN for liver and gallbladder support with th goal of lowering and stabilizing liver enzymes. Many of the medication and prescription diet Murphy needs are needed long term or ongoing due to his condition being a chronic disease that needs continued management and recheck lab work / diagnostics to make sure his condition is not worsening.


12+ year old Romeo was relinquished to Bichon Rescue Brigade in September 2021 when his owner was no longer able to care for him and had to move in with family. Romeo is a very happy, loving little guy, with so more life to live. He has a collapsed trachea, is on prescription diets and multiple medications. His Foster parents Yvonne and Todd welcomed Romeo into their home. “He’s adapted really well to the paw family routine and loves his walks, and nighttime treat. He has plenty of buddies to keep him happy and shower him with love and attention. His cutest traits are how his ears go up when he barks and how fast his little tail wags.”

Medical Conditions:
Trachael collapse, harness only (no collars)
Elevated liver enzymes
Chronic ear infections
Dental recommended once other conditions are stable

Medical Needs:
Hills Science Diet CD and ID Low Fat
Levothyroxine 2x/day lifetime


Kobe is a 3 year old Maltese. His diabetes and recently diagnoses Addison’s disease were beyond what his family could afford and they were heartbroken at the prospect of having to surrender him to a local shelter. We brought Kobe into our forever foster program, helping him stay in his home with Amelia who does a wonderful job managing his diabetes. “Kobe is very happy, friendly little guy who loves going on walks, his teddy bear and his playing with balls!”

Kobe Medical Conditions:
Diabetic and Addisons disease

Kobe Monthly Costs:

Kobe Medical Needs:
Prozinc insulin, oral prednisone, injectible Percortan, test strips, Hills WD prescription diet.