Life is full of changes, and it sometimes becomes necessary for an owner to part with its beloved pet. Bichon Rescue Brigade will accept Bichons and Bichon mixes from those who can no longer keep them, pending successful evaluation of your pet’s health and temperament. BRB requests a minimum $100 donation to help cover costs to re-home your pet.

Please be sure you and your family have discussed relinquishment to ensure everyone is in agreement. This is an emotional process and it’s important that everyone is in agreement before we start the rehoming process.

We will contact your veterinarian to request a current copy of the pup’s medical history and records. Please be sure to contact your veterinarian and authorize the release of their records to Bichon Rescue Brigade.

Once we agree to bring your pup into Bichon Rescue Brigade:

  • We may ask the pup be spayed or neutered or vaccinated (if not done or current.)
  • We will ask for 5-6 photos of your pup, and a video if you have one.
  • We may ask for additional information about your pup’s personality to aid with rehoming.
  • We ask that all of the pup’s supplies go with with him/her – bed, blanket, crate, collar, harness, tag, leash, bowls, favorite toy(s), sweaters/clothes and a 2- week supply of food/supplements/medications. Having familiar items and food will make the transition into a new home easier for your pup.

Please note: You must complete one form for each dog you are relinquishing.