These are our dogs requiring Long Term Care.

Our Fur-Ever Friends have a “Home for Life” with Bichon Rescue Brigade. The dogs that we bring into this program are those who are less likely to be adopted due to disability, long term medical needs and/or age but who are still able to enjoy the remainder of their senior years with a good quality of life.

These pups are placed in loving homes with loving families, but Bichon Rescue Brigade retains full responsibility for their care. Fur-Ever Friend care may include medical care, medications, high quality diet, supplements and grooming.

It is through generous sponsorships and donations that we provide medical care to our Fur-Ever Friends. If you would like to sponsor a Fur-Ever Friend, our monthly sponsorships start at $25. Your sponsorship will go directly towards the care of your pup.

You can become a Sponsor for ALL our Fur-Ever Friends or individual dogs.  Just select an option from the menu after you click on the Donate button.  You can make a one time donation or a recurring donation.  (Note:  If you elect to make a recurring donation you will be asked for an existing Paypal account or you will be asked to setup a new Paypal account.  One time donations do not require a Paypal account and you can choose any major credit card.)


12 year old Shadow is such a sweet, gentle senior poodle. He was relinquished to Bichon Rescue Brigade in September 2021 when his elderly owner was admitted to a long term care facility and there were no plans or arrangements for Shadow’s care. Shadow is very fortunate to have found a long term foster who previously had a cat with diabetes. She is experienced with daily blood tests and administering insulin to control his diabetes. He is also on a prescription diet as well as daily medications for an enlarged liver and chronic changes to his kidneys. Thankfully Shadow has settled in with a long term foster home where Kokie (also blind) has befriended him. From his Foster mom Patty “His world turned upside down…But because of your rescue…he is on top of the world again with confidence and love and care. Thank u”.

Medical Conditions:
Enlarged Liver
Colonic wall thickened
Chronic changes to kidneys

Medical Needs:
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Low Fat
Diabetic Test Strips
Denamarin 225 mg (liver)
Urosodiol 65 mg (kidney)


8 year old Buttercup is happy go lucky bichon mix who came to us from a local shelter . She was medically alerted for coughing / choking. Our vet recommended she be seen by a cardiologist. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given a poor long term prognosis. She is doing well on medications, and with continued care. Her long term foster Anne, and her senior bichon Romeo welcomed Buttercup and are committed to giving her a happy, loving home for as long as she has. Buttercup is on four prescription medications daily. From Anne “She’s so sweet. She’s always wagging her tail and she loves walkies.”

Medical Conditions:
Left-sided heart failure
Pulmonary hypertension
Right-sided congestive heart failure

Medical Needs:
Spironolactone 25 mg
Sildenafil 20 mg
Furosemide 12.5 mg
Pimobendan (Vetmedin) 1.25mg

Caruso and Romeo

13 year old brothers Caruso and Romeo have been together their whole lives and are very bonded. They were relinquished to Bichon Rescue Brigade in September 2021 when their owner was no longer able to care for them and had to move in with family. Unfortunately there was no place for Caruso and Romeo. Both boys are on prescription diets and multiple medications. Their Foster parents Yvonne and Todd welcomed them into their home to keep them together and to keep them safe. “They are such sweet boys, they enjoy their walks, are always ready to eat and are slowly making themselves at home. “

Caruso Medical Conditions:
Dry Eye
Dental recommended once other conditions are stable
Enlarged liver

Caruso Medical Needs:
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet SO DIet
Optimmune daily long term
Optixcare daily long term

Romeo Medical Conditions:
Trachael collapse, harness only (no collars)
Elevated liver enzymes
Pot belly appearance
Chronic ear infections
Dental recommended once other conditions are stable

Romeo Medical Needs:
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet GI Low Fat
Urosodiol (records said for shadow to start taking Romeo prescription)
Levothyroxine 2x/day lifetime