Dogs in need of immediate help…

These pups have urgent, costly medical needs that we are actively raising funds to support.  Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated during this critical time and will go towards the individual pup you select.

ClaireClaire is a beautiful 8-9 year old bichon mix who has experienced a lot in the past few months.  She found herself a stray in the shelter.  Her left eye was bulbous, and she lost her left eye.  She has a heavy cataract in her right eye causing her to be vision impaired.  With our rescue discount the cost for the surgery to restore the sight in her right eye is $4717.

AsterAster joined BRB following an urgent request from a local shelter. This beautiful 2 year old girl had been surrendered after being hit by a car.  Her pelvis was fractured in multiple places.  Aster’s surgery estimate, with rescue discount, is $2800.